Shipping and Pre-order FAQ

How do pre-orders work?

BoxThrones are big and heavy, so it's difficult for us to keep them in a warehouse. Instead, we operate on a pre-order basis and BoxThrones are made to order once every few months.

We have production "waves" where we pre-sell a limited amount of products before or after the boat has left, and it arrives in the US about 1-2 months after pre-orders close.

Current timeline (Wave 5):

  • Pre-orders close: September 30
  • Manufacturing: September 30 - October 15
  • Shipping to US: October 15 - November 15
  • Delivery to customers: November 15 - November 30

Wave 4 timeline:

  • Pre-orders close: July 31
  • Manufacturing: July 31 - August 18
  • Shipping to US: August 18 - August 31
  • Delivery to customers: September 1 - September 15

Wave 3 timeline:

  • Pre-orders close: May 15
  • Manufacturing: May 15 - July 15
  • Shipping to US: July 15 - August 20
  • Delivery to customers: August 20 - August 31

Is EVERYTHING a pre-order?

Yes, however, you may receive PARTS of your order within 3-10 days if we have them in the warehouse. However, majority of the orders will be fulfilled according to the timeline above. 

    Where do you ship to?
    We currently ship only to the contiguous 48 states of the US. Our regional stores:

    Asia: For Asia orders, please email with the subject line "ASIA ORDER" and we will ship straight from the factory to you as part of the current manufacturing wave

    How long does shipping take?
    We ship out of San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. If parts of your order are in stock, or after all products arrive in the US, shipping will commence. Shipping time depends on your proximity to the warehouse, but it will typically take 3-10 days.

    What is your refund policy?
    Because of the expense in shipping BoxThrones (we're sending hefty metal furniture across the continent!), we cannot accept returns unless they are due to our mistake in picking/shipping (i.e., you received the wrong item or color in your order). We will send you a return label in this case and then reship the correct item to you once the error item has been returned to UPS.