Assembly Instructions

Need help assembling your BoxThrone? Look no further! Here lies a list of helpful info and manuals that a noble BoxRoyal as yourself will find useful as you build out your BoxKingdom.

Basic instruction manual

This manual comes with all BoxThrone systems. It covers basic frame construction (single and double BoxThrones), shelf insertion and safety notices. Click here to see it!

Strapping the playmat holder

Imagine the top 4 holes of the playmat holder are labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4 from top to bottom. Take a strap and push it through the outer face of Hole 1, and then through the inner face of Hole 2. Pull this strap down to the outer face of Hole 3, push it through Hole 3 and then loop it through Hole 4. Pull the strap until both dangling straps are even. This way you'll get a nice C-shaped (Pacman-esque) gripping mechanism with the straps.

Inserting the drawer

The drawer is made up of 3 parts: the two outer rails and the drawer tray. Insert the outer rails into the BoxThrone column holes first. Ensure they are lined up evenly and that the black rubber "bumper" in the rail is facing towards the back of the BoxThrone. Slide the drawer tray onto the rails.

To remove the drawer tray from the outer rails, there are two latch mechanisms inside each outer rail. They are about halfway in, and look like black plastic sticks. Using a pen or long screwdriver, push one down, and the other up to release the drawer.